2011-05-31 03.12.11Publications


Lower, S. S., Johnston, J. S., Stanger-Hall, K. F., Hjelmen, C. E., Hanrahan, S. J., Korunes, K. & Hall, D. (2017) Genome size in North American fireflies: Substantial variation likely driven by neutral processes. Genome Biology and Evolution, 9(6), 1499-1512,

Hall, D. W. 1, Sander, S. E.1, Pallansch, J., & Stanger-Hall, K. (2016) The evolution of adult light emission color in North American fireflies. Evolution, 70(9), 2033-2048.

Sander, S.E. & Hall D.W. (2015) Variation in opsin genes correlates with signaling ecology in North American fireflies. Molecular Ecology, 24(18), 4679-4696.

Sander, S. E., Altizer, S., de Roode, J. C., & Davis, A. K. (2013). Genetic factors and host traits predict spore morphology for a butterfly pathogen. Insects4(3), 447-462.

Temeles, E. J., Koulouris, C. R., Sander, S. E., & Kress, W. J. (2009). Effect of flower shape and size on foraging performance and trade-offs in a tropical hummingbird. Ecology90(5), 1147-1161.

Temeles, E. J., Shaw, K. C., Kudla, A. U., & Sander, S. E. (2006). Traplining by purple-throated carib hummingbirds: behavioral responses to competition and nectar availability. Behavioral Ecology and Sociobiology61(2), 163-172.


Faust, L., de Cock, R., Stanger-Hall, K., Marion, Z., & Sander, S. (2012). Allegheny National Forest June 2012 Firefly Survey: Forest and Warren Counties, PA.

1 Equal contribution

Photo credit: Sarah Lower



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